Instant electronic acceptance of contracts of incorporation of companies in Saudi Arabia


The Ministry of Commerce has launched a service of immediate electronic acceptance of companies’ incorporation contracts, as well as any amendments thereto, which enables partners to issue founding contracts and amendment decisions electronically immediately after submitting them without the need for them to be reviewed and audited by the Ministry.And she indicated that the electronic service enables the partners to issue contracts for the establishment of companies, amend them or add other new clauses, and these amendments include, for example, but not limited to, the articles of the company’s head office, the company’s name or purposes, or its management, or the amendment of its capital.

The ministry explained that among the other decisions that enable partners to benefit from this service include the transformation of the company’s entity to another form, those related to merger operations and decisions to continue the company, including decisions related to amending the company’s capital, provided that those decisions submitted to the ministry do not conflict with the provisions of the law companies, as well as other related regulations. In this context; And that the partners undertake that the information contained in those submitted decisions is correct and that it is compatible with the provisions of the Companies Law and the other aforementioned regulations.

This service is an extension of the initiatives launched by the Ministry of Commerce to facilitate the procedures for doing business and stimulate the commercial and investment environment in the Kingdom.

The Ministry called on companies wishing to benefit from the service to visit the corporate services portal on the following link: ‎


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