Including sauce and yoghurt… 10 foods that appear healthy and have disease inside



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Sun, 17 Oct 2021 15:02:45 +0000
Including sauce and yoghurt… 10 foods that appear healthy and have disease inside

Including sauce and yoghurt… 10 foods that appear healthy and have disease inside

Sunday – 11 Rabi’ al-Awwal 1443 AH – 17 October 2021 AD

There are famous foods that many people think are healthy when they may cause serious harm to the body (Express)

London: «Middle East Online»

A good diet is the body’s fuel, and the primary means of protecting it from the risk of a range of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.
However, the classification of different foods on the basis of being healthy or unhealthy is still not agreed upon by various scientists and experts.
In this context, the British newspaper “Express” spoke with nutritionist Dr. Rob Hobson, who pointed out that there are 10 famous foods that many people believe are healthy while they may cause serious damage to the body.
These foods are:
Canned tomatoes:
“Tomatoes are inherently a healthy food, as they are a good source of antioxidants such as lycopene,” Hobson says. However, canned tomatoes contain a lot more sugar than you might expect, as one can contains 16 grams of sugar, which causes major health problems that outweigh the benefits of tomatoes by themselves.
Bran-rich breakfast cereals:
“A lot of people are aware that breakfast cereals can be high in sugar, but very few know that even those bran-rich cereals, which he touts as the healthiest option, also contain a lot of sugar,” Hobson says.
The nutritionist explained that some breakfast cereals rich in bran contain 8 grams of sugar per 40 grams of cereal.
The same also applies to instant oats, especially those that contain fruit flavors, according to Hobson.
– Coconut Oil:
It is one of the most famous oils that experts have been talking about for its health benefits for a long time.
However, according to Hobson, “many of the health claims used to promote this oil have no scientific evidence to support them, unlike olive oil, which studies and scientific tests have proven to be very beneficial for health.”
Hobson also pointed out that coconut oil contains a very high percentage of saturated fats, which raise cholesterol levels in the blood and increase the risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease.
Canned fruit juices:
Hobson emphasized that these canned juices contain a lot of sugar and preservatives, and that they cause diabetes, obesity and tooth damage.
Sauces used in cooking:
“There are a lot of healthy options on the market to help people make a quick meal, including sauces,” Hobson says. But when choosing these seemingly healthy sauces, you should still read the ingredients carefully before buying.”
“Many of these sauces contain large amounts of sugar and salt,” he said. It should also be noted that we often tend to eat more than the recommended serving size for these foods, which means we consume more salt and sugar each time.”
Coconut Milk Yogurt:
Coconut milk yogurt is one of the foods that most people think is very healthy and better than cow’s milk yogurt.
However, Hobson says this is not true, adding, “A 150-gram bottle of coconut milk yogurt contains approximately 300 calories and can easily reach 500 when you add a little fruit to it.”
He added, “Also, this yogurt contains a high percentage of saturated fats, as a 150-gram package contains 24 grams of this fat.”
– Honey:
“People often think that this natural product is much healthier than sugar, but the truth is that all sweeteners contain sugar,” Hobson says.
“This does not mean that eating honey is absolutely unhealthy, but you still have to monitor how much of it you eat daily,” he added.
– Popcorn:
Hobson warned that “this snack, which most people consider healthy and harmless, helps in significant weight gain and exacerbates the problem of obesity.”
The nutritionist pointed out that some packages of ready-made popcorn sold in stores contain 500 calories per bag and 3 grams of salt, which makes them a poor choice for both children and adults.
Vegetarian alternatives to meat:
Many restaurants are now producing foods that contain vegetarian alternatives to meat, as they are healthier and more beneficial for people.
However, Hobson says, “There’s nothing particularly healthy about these foods, and other than the fact that they don’t contain meat, they are often high in calories, salt and saturated fat.”
Protein bars:
Store-bought protein bars attract many health-conscious people as they associate protein with good health.
However, Dr. Hobson says, “While these bars may be high in protein, they are often loaded with sugar. Some of them are made from sweeteners, and eating them in excess leads to major health problems.”




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