In the video, the Earth lies inside a giant tunnel that reaches the end of the universe


A new study by a team of astronomers, with the aim of explaining the mysterious magnetic structures scattered in space, revealed very exciting information in which they confirmed the existence of a giant tunnel surrounding the planet Earth.

The mysterious structures in space have puzzled astronomers for decades, as it is possible to look like a giant structure when seeing galaxies and planets in space with the naked eye by looking into space, where a very huge structure is seen in the middle of the scene in the sky in the dark darkness.

According to the new research, which will be published in the future in the Astrophysical Journal, the scientists concluded that the two regions in space, which are called the “North Polar Spur” and the “Fan” regions, are on opposite sides of space in the sky, and are connected by a system. Wide complex of magnetic filament.

The scientists pointed out that this structure forms what looks like a giant tunnel that surrounds the solar system and many nearby stars next to it, for which an explanatory map was drawn up by the research team.

According to the report published on the Cornell University website “arXiv”, which talked about the results of the unique research, the research paper indicates that the Earth may be surrounded by a giant magnetic tunnel, which is observed in the images designed by scientists, as this tunnel forms a great structure that reaches the limits of the universe.

“If we looked at the sky, we would see this tunnel-like structure almost any direction we looked, if we had normal eyes that could see the lights of radio lines,” said astronomer Jennifer West, from the University of Toronto in Canada.

Although the two monumental structures; The “North Polar Spur” and “Fan” area have been accurately discovered since the 1960s, but it was very difficult for scientists to understand their complex nature, as they are hundreds or thousands of light years away, according to uncertain predictions. But no one has linked these two giant structures before.

West and her colleagues were able to show this connection by connecting them with radio loops prominent in the space between them, solving many of the puzzling problems associated with both regions.

“A few years ago, Tom Landecker, one of our co-authors, told me about a paper from 1965, from the early days of radio astronomy,” West says.

Based on the preliminary data available at the present time, the researchers expected that these polarized radio signals originate due to our location within the radio arm, that is, inside the tunnel, so we are viewing it in this unique way, according to the report published in the scientific journal “sciencealert”.

“That paper inspired me to develop this idea and connect my model to the better data our telescopes give us today,” West continues.

Using modeling and simulation, the researchers discovered a unique shape of what radio lines would look like in the sky, as the two structures were connected by magnetic filaments.

These results confirmed the observed data in the satellites, which helped the team determine that the most likely distance of the structure from the solar system is about 350 light years, as the length of the tunnel, according to researchers’ estimates, which was designed by West and her entire team, is about 1,000 light years.

West stresses that “magnetic fields do not exist in isolation, they must be completely connected to each other. So the next step is to better understand how this local magnetic field relates to the large-scale galactic magnetic field, as well as to the smaller-scale magnetic fields.”



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