In cooperation with “IOSCO” .. “The Securities and Markets” participates in the “Global Investor Week”


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Regulators and financial markets in the UAE are participating in the activities of the International Organization of Securities Commissions, which are launched today as part of the “Global Investor Week 2021” campaign, which aims this year to enhance the financial culture of investors and shed light on the issues around which the campaign activities revolve (sustainable financing and avoiding fraud and scams).
The entities participating in the campaign are the Securities and Commodities Authority, the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, the Dubai Financial Market, the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of the Abu Dhabi Global Market, and the Dubai Financial Services Authority. The entities participating in these events look forward to strengthening and elevating the UAE’s position as a leading financial center in the region and the world, in line with the vision of the UAE government and the country’s national agenda.
This year’s Global Investor Week campaign is expected to highlight the importance of raising awareness of four main themes: financial fraud, sustainable financing, the basics of investing, and online investing. Dr. said. Maryam Al-Suwaidi, Acting CEO of the Securities and Commodities Authority: “The topics covered in the campaign this year reflect the challenges facing the financial world in the post-pandemic period; The world today is exposed to unprecedented threats. As a result, it is imperative for the financial community to respond to and overcome these threats by promoting sustainable investment.” She added that “the spread of digital technologies used in investment poses new challenges in containing and responding to financial crimes, which investors should be aware of.”
She noted that the keenness to participate in the “Global Investor Week” initiative annually by disseminating protection messages to dealers in financial instruments, and clarifying the supervisory role of the authority that it exercises to achieve the safety and stability of financial markets, through several mechanisms provided by law to protect the rights of dealers in the markets and achieve a balance between them. Or whatever measures it deems necessary to limit manipulation and fraud in the markets.”
Dr. explained. Maryam Al-Suwaidi said that the authority was keen that the activities of this year’s initiative be characterized by launching a mixture of awareness activities that combine activities with physical attendance and events held remotely – using electronic communication techniques – in line with the precautionary measures applied to reduce the risks of Covid-19.
The participating parties are organizing an integrated package of events, including virtual seminars for investors, and dialogue sessions for university and college students, in addition to a campaign to be launched on social media platforms during the period between 10 and 14 October.


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