If you receive a single-dose vaccine .. an “important step” to protect against corona


Fertilization “Johnson & JohnsonAs for the rest of the vaccines, it is given in one dose, not two.

The National Institutes of Health study in the United States examined the cases of 450 adults, who received the vaccines approved in the country, including the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The purpose of the study was to know the advantages and disadvantages of using different booster doses, according to what was reported American media, Wednesday.

The volunteers in the study were divided into two groups, the first of whose members received an additional booster dose of the other vaccine, and the second whose members received a booster dose of another vaccine.

The researchers measured antibody levels 2 and 4 weeks after the booster dose was given.

The researchers noted that the booster dose boosted the antibodies in the body, with my dose of “Pfizer and ModernaThey worked better than the Johnson & Johnson dose.

They said that they did not detect any side effects associated with the additional doses, and no new symptoms appeared on the participants’ bodies.

The results of their work show that the booster dose will lead to an improved immune response, regardless of the type of original vaccine, the researchers wrote in the study.

They said a vaccine-mixing strategy could improve the immune protection that vaccines alone provide.


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