I watered it myself Turki Al-Sheikh publishes a video of a tank crashing a car in the Riyadh season


10/23 00:50

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The head of the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia, Turki Al-Sheikh, published a video clip that showed a small tank crashing a car, as it turned out to be a game included in the “Field Combat” area, as part of the entertainment activities program for the Riyadh season.

Turki Al-Sheikh, commenting on the video posted on his Twitter account, wrote: “I watered it before myself, and you have the opportunity to market it in my costume and live the experience.”

He pointed out that there are more activities in the “Combat Field area”, which he said is a “whole new and wonderful area” that will open starting tomorrow evening, Saturday.

I watered it a little while ago myself and you have the opportunity to shop it like me and live the experience… Many events in the Combat Field area… Tomorrow we are waiting for you… A whole new and wonderful area ❤️ Riyadh_Season https://t.co/71YpWHDxlm https://t.co/bxyXQMzvzk

The price of a ticket to enter the “Combat Field” area starts from 55 riyals ($ 14.6).

According to the Riyadh Season website, the region includes games and challenges throughout the ages, beginning with the Middle Ages.


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