“I don’t want to get married in the Arab world” .. Kuwaiti Shams raises controversy with her statements


Kuwaiti artist Shams sparked controversy with her recent statements during her guest appearance on the journalist Jaafar Abdel Karim on the “Jafar Talk” program, and she spoke about many topics, including sexual relations before marriage, and others.

Shams Al-Kuwaiti said that she supports the teaching of sex education in schools, considering that practicing intimacy outside marriage is a personal freedom.

The truth about the marriage of the Kuwaiti actress Shams

And about the fact that she had an intimate relationship without marriage, she replied: “Unfortunately not…because the one in front of me wants to marry quickly before I dismiss him.”

She added, “I do not want to marry in the Arab world. I want to marry in Europe because the laws in the Arab world are unfair to women. Islamic Sharia came from the Qur’an, and the Qur’an carries many aspects, and there are those who want to interpret it on the basis of their interests.”

Shams Al-Kuwaiti’s artistic career

Shams Al-Kuwaiti began her singing career by forming a popular band at the end of the nineties of the twentieth century, while her actual beginning was when she signed a contract with the “Renad Audio” company, which took over the release of her first album, entitled “Habib Al-Ward” in 2001, and was supervised by the Saudi composer Ahmed Cheetah.

Shams Al-Kuwaiti continued to present her songs in the Gulf dialect, and released her second album in 2002. The artist chose the song “Seven Times” to shoot a video clip, and the name of the song is the same as the title of her new album.

Shams collaborated again with the Saudi artist Khaled Abdel Rahman after collaborating with him on her first album, where the second song on the album was “Hala” from his words and melodies, and Shams continued her singing career so far, during which he presented dozens of successful songs.

Watch the video of Shams Al-Kuwaiti’s dialogue


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