How to transfer WhatsApp data to a new Android phone without Google Drive


WhatsApp recently added an encrypted backup feature that enables end-to-end encryption of Google Drive and iCloud backups.
This makes the service more secure overall. However, you can still backup your WhatsApp data and even transfer it to another phone via other methods without the need for an internet connection. All you need is a file compression application like “RAR”.The method basically works by taking an offline backup of your files, getting all the data in one folder, and then moving that folder over to another phone.

Here is how to transfer WhatsApp data to a new Android phone, without the need to use Google Drive, according to the Indian Express:

– Create a local WhatsApp backup
Inside WhatsApp, go to the three-dot menu on the main page, go to Settings, then Chat, then Chat Support, and tap on Chat Support. After creating a local backup, you can ignore the Google Drive backup prompt, if any. You now have a local backup created in your phone’s internal storage.
Once the local backup is ready, uninstall WhatsApp from the old device.

– Install RAR or any other file compression app
Go to the Google Play Store and download the RAR app and set it up. We will use this app to compress the entire WhatsApp data into a single file. You can also choose any other application.

Compress your WhatsApp data
Inside the RAR app, you will see the directory of your phone’s internal storage. Go to Android/Media and find the “” folder. Select the hashtag next to the folder and hit the add archive button at the top (in the form of a “+”). The entire folder should now start turning into a RAR file.

Note that fully compressing WhatsApp data is a time-consuming process. You can also choose to make it a zip file. Instead, to shorten the time.

Transfer data to your new phone
Transfer the new file (or the file if you made a zip file) to your new phone where you want to set up WhatsApp.


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