How to take a screenshot of an entire web page in Chrome


Some web browser users want to save some information from a specific location. Users of the Google Chrome version on Android devices are wondering, is it possible to take a screenshot of the entire web page. According to howtogeek, users of the Google Chrome browser can take full screenshots of the web page, in order to save them later or share them with others using the Long Screenshot feature that Google provides on Android phones. Google offers the Long Screenshot feature, with the Chrome 94 update on the Android operating system, but to use it first make sure you update the Google Chrome app to the latest version, then you will need to enable a hidden flag in your browser to do so easily.

How to enable and take full screenshots in Chrome browser

First: Open the Google Chrome app on your Android phone, then type chrome://flags in the address bar.
Type “chrome://flags” in the address bar of Chrome

Second: On the “Experiments” page, type “long screenshots” in the search bar.
Experiments page
Third: Under the “Chrome Share Long Screenshots” tab, click on the drop-down menu.

Fourth: Select “Enabled” under the menu, then restart the browser.

Fifth: In the next step, open the page you are taking a screenshot of. Once the page is loaded, click the three vertical dots in the top-right corner to open the Chrome menu.
Select “Share” button from the Chrome menu.

Sixth: Select “Share” in the Chrome menu, and the Share menu will open at the bottom of the browser, click on “Long Screenshot.”

Once you complete the previous steps, Chrome will open a square with a white frame, with up and down arrows at the top and bottom and gray in the rest of the area. Click and drag the arrows up or down in the relevant directions to capture more areas of the web page.
Tap and drag the up and down button in respective directions to select more area.

Once done, tap the check mark button in the lower right corner, which will open the browser’s built-in image editor, and from Chrome’s built-in image editor, you’ll be able to see the options to ‘Crop’ to crop images, ‘Text’ to write text, or ‘Draw’ for comments Caption at the bottom, then tap Next in the top-right corner, and another share menu will open with options to share the long screenshot or save it to your phone. Click on the option that suits you.

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