How can you use and activate iPhone secret codes? Here’s how


There is a set of iPhone secret codes that add to the phone a new set of uses, and also allow you to use the features hidden inside it.

These codes are built into all phones, so you don’t need to activate them specifically or install any app to use them.

You can use these features in any phone, even if it is new and has not been used before, and these codes rely on USSD technology that shows confidential and hidden information.

These codes work with all versions of iPhone phones, so you can take advantage of them with the iPhone SE or 13 Pro.

All phones have a number called IMEI which is a universal number found in all smartphones regardless of their type or country of origin.

This number is considered for each phone separately, as the number cannot be the same between two phones anywhere in the world.

Many users rely on this number to report stolen phones or phones with bad problems.

You can access this number via an iPhone by entering the following code: *#06# to be as it appears in the image below.

And you don’t need to press any button after that, as the IMEI number appears directly on the phone screen without pressing any button.

The results for this code are shown as follows:

You can make your number disappear when you try to call a user at any time and any other phone, by using a phone code.

This code works with all mobile networks and all phones around the world, but some networks may block it.

It prevents your number from appearing on the caller you are trying to call, without installing any third-party applications in the phones.

You can use this code by typing #31# and following it with the number you wish to call.

You can use a set of secret codes to divert incoming calls to your phone in a range of different situations.

You can divert calls if you do not answer by using the code *61*.

You can also divert calls if your phone cannot be reached by using the *62* code.

You can divert calls if your phone is busy by using the code *67*

You must enter the phone number you wish to transfer to after entering the code, and track the number to which you are transferring with the code # until the transfer is made to it.

Note: These codes may differ if the phone network uses its own codes, so if they do not work for you, go to the company’s customer service and ask them.


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