Holdings (ADQ): New Policy Reinforces Commitment as a Sustainable Investor


The Holding Company (ADQ) has issued the first policy to implement the principles of “Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance”, which supports its efforts as a sustainable investor and accelerates the creation of economic value. As a sustainable investor, ADQ aims to give priority to sectors that allow the adoption of clean technology applications and other efforts to preserve the environment. Will apply «Holding» (ADQ) the principles of «environmental, social and corporate governance» at the level of all the companies belonging to its portfolio.

Mohamed Hassan Al Suwaidi, CEO of ADQ Holding, said: “We are committed to cementing ADQ’s position as a sustainable investor for the benefit of future generations as an essential part of achieving our mission to create value for our shareholder and strategic partner, the Abu Dhabi Government.” Accordingly, we will be able to establish a clear framework for implementing ESG principles across all our operations as an initial and important step, and we are keen to follow these principles in all our business.


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