Highlights of the new advanced Surface computer from Microsoft


Tuesday October 26, 2021 05:40 PM

Highlights of the new advanced Surface computer from Microsoft

Microsoft wanted to distinguish its laptop this year from the rest of the Surface computers, providing it with many features that make it one of the best portable devices today.

In terms of shape, the Surface Pro 8 computer is similar to the Surface computer, but it came with a 13-inch screen with thin edges, a display resolution of (2880/1920) pixels, and you can draw and write on it with a smart pen.

The screen of this device has a frequency of up to 120 Hz, and it also supports the Adaptive Color feature, which adjusts the brightness and colors according to the lighting of the surrounding environment of the device.

The new computer models work with “Windows-11” systems, and Intel Core i7 or Intel Core i5 processors of the eleventh generation, random access memory with capacities ranging between 8 and 32 GB, and internal storage memories with capacities starting from 128 GB and up to 1 TB.

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As for the basic structure of the computer, it supports Type-C ports that support Thunderbolt 4 to connect the computer to external graphics processors, it is also equipped with a Surface Connect port for fast charging, and a 3.5 mm headphone port, and the structure can be connected with an elegant and thin external keyboard to use the device as an integrated small laptop.

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Source : World news: The most prominent feature of Microsoft’s new advanced Surface computer


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