Here the ascetic cries: Talaat Zakaria is my father whom I knew and I miss so much now | news


The artist Hana Al-Zahid spoke about her relationship with her stepfather, the late artist Talaat Zakaria.

Hana Al-Zahid revealed in her interview with the media, Engy Ali, on the “Secrets of the Stars” program via Nojoum FM, that she considers Talaat Zakaria as her father who raised her, as she had known him since she was a child in the sixth grade of primary school.

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She added that she considered Talaat Zakaria her close friend, and told him when she admired a young man in her teens, and took his advice in all matters of her life.

Hana Al-Zahid said that she misses her sessions with Talaat Zakaria in his room and their constant conversation, and how she used to resort to him when she disagrees with her mother, noting that the journey of his illness was full of difficult moments.

She confirmed that Talaat Zakaria suffered from the disease for 9 years and was hiding his pain from those around him, stressing that she misses him greatly, she, her mother and her sisters, which made her cry while talking about him.

Hana Al-Zahid explained that her family members were not able to live in the same house after the death of Talaat Zakaria, which prompted them to move to a house next to him, to get away from the memories associated with the place.

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