Here are the latest health developments for the artist Wael Kfoury after he had a terrible traffic accident


A close friend of the Lebanese artist, Wael Kfoury, revealed the artist’s health condition, after he had a horrific traffic accident yesterday evening, Friday, and was subsequently transferred to the Byblos Aid Hospital for treatment.

The poet Habib Bou Antoun, a close friend of Wael Kfoury, reassured the audience of the Lebanese artist, and said on Twitter: “Wael is fine, thank you, Adra.”

The “ET in Arabic” website stated that the accident was caused by Wael Kfoury’s car falling into a large crater, causing severe damage to his car.

The website quoted an eyewitness as saying that Wael and the woman who accompanied him were taken to the hospital, and that he is in the emergency department for treatment, and he is in good health.

According to a close friend who was visited by the artist in the hospital, Wael Kfoury was conscious and in good condition, and his girlfriend was with him in the car, and she is also in good health, and the severity of the blow made Wael “out of the car.”

Many artists expressed their sympathy with Wael, wishing him a speedy recovery.

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