Heba Tawaji returns to Saudi Arabia after an absence |


Riyadh – The Lebanese star, Heba Tawaji, with the participation of musician Osama Rahbani, will perform a live concert in Al-Ula on Friday, the twenty-ninth of October 2021, in an event that brings music and events back to the Maraya Theatre, which has been suspended since before the Corona pandemic.

This look brings Heba Tawaji back to Saudi Arabia nearly four years after her first concert in Riyadh in December 2017, and at that time she held the title of the first Arab artist to sing in the Kingdom after the opening of the concert season. A law allowing women to drive a car for the first time in the country’s history.

Heba’s audience will enjoy a huge musical show with the participation of an orchestra of more than 60 people to sing her most famous songs “Min Elly Bekhtar”, “No Beginning and No End” and “Matil Al-Rih”, in addition to a synthesis of the most famous songs of her international works such as the tracks of the movie “Aladdin”. ”, with her surprise by singing a wonderful “Night” with a different musical arrangement, in celebration of her awaited singing night in the archaeological area of ​​Al-Ula.

Regarding the concert, Heba Tawaji commented, “I have always wanted to perform in AlUla, a place full of history and creative legacy. Singing at Maraya is a great honor for me, and we have thought carefully about this concert to make such a place and destination right for them and it will be a very special event.”

Due to the decrease in the safe capacity of the concert due to the precautionary measures from Corona, it is expected that the tickets will be sold out quickly from fans and lovers of high-end music from the Kingdom and the Gulf countries.

In order to attend the ceremony, attendees do not need to be tested for a negative result for the Corona virus, taking into account the implementation of all appropriate health and safety measures and following all health regulations.

Heba Tawaji is currently busy finishing the preparations for her new album, which she worked on for a year with musician Osama Rahbani, between Lebanon, France and the United States.


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