Hanadi Muhanna: I was depressed because of my excess weight and did everything to lose | news


Actress Hanadi Muhanna revealed the scenes of losing a large part of her weight during 2021.

In her interview with the media, Mona Al-Shazly, on the “With You” program, Hanadi Muhanna explained that she did not intend to cause controversy by losing her weight.

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She added that she disappeared from the limelight since the end of 2020 and did not appear again until the end of the summer of 2021, noting that she did a lot of things to lose weight.

Hanadi confirmed that her current weight is the same as her weight when she was living in Spain during her university studies, before returning to Egypt and starting to eat delicious Egyptian foods that gained her a lot of weight.

She continued that she struggled a lot to lose weight, used diets and exercised, but she gained weight by gaining muscle.

Hanadi Muhanna indicated that she fell into a state of depression due to her inability to lose excess weight, which prompted her to resort to a doctor to help her.

Hanadi said that she used a diet and other things to lose weight, and left the interpretation of the term “other things” to her doctor, stressing that she had challenged herself to return to wearing her old clothes that she wore in 2018, which is the goal she reached after a period of attempts.

She added that she wasn’t concerned with her weight on the scale as much as her criterion was her body shape and how well she was able to wear her old clothes.

Hanadi Muhanna concluded her speech, stressing that she had lost a weight of between 40 and 50 kilograms, and that during the last period she had gone through bad events in her personal life, which helped in losing her appetite for food.

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