Hamdi Al-Naqaz raises a crisis in the Saudi League


Hamdi Al-Naqaz raises a crisis in the Saudi League

The participation of Tunisian international Hamdi Al-Naqaz with Al-Ahly caused a crisis for the team after its match against Al-Taei in the Saudi Professional League.

Earlier this month, Al-Ahly club announced its official contract with Hamdi Al-Naqaz in a free transfer deal until the end of the current football season.

Al-Naqaz was signed to the ranks of Zamalek for 3 seasons, but he was not registered due to the sanctions against the white castle from the International Football Association “FIFA”, which deprived the Egyptian club of registration for two transfer periods, which made him move to the ranks of Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia.

Zain Al-Sader, Vice President of Al-Taei Club, confirmed that his team lodged an official protest against Al-Ahly, due to the illegality of Hamdi Al-Naqaz’s participation in the match that brought them together on Thursday evening.

Hamdi Al-Naqaz participated in his second match with Al-Ahly against Al-Taei, in which the team won 2-1.

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The vice president of Al-Taei said in televised statements: “The transfer of the Tunisian player was not a free player, and his participation is illegal with Al-Ahly, and we lodged an official protest.”

He added, “My team obtained documents proving that Hamdi Al-Naqaz temporarily moved to Al-Ahly from the Egyptian club Zamalek, and not as a free player, which is considered a violation.”

In his complaint, Al-Taie demanded that the result of his match against Al-Ahly be calculated due to the illegality of the Tunisian player’s participation in the ninth round of the Saudi League.

Al-Taei is ranked 13th in the Saudi League standings with 7 points, while Al-Ahly is in eighth place with 11 points.

Source: “Saudi media”


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