Google reduces the commission charged to my publishers


Google announced a cut in the commission imposed on app publishers, in light of growing pressure from regulators to compete with the giant US group that dominates the mobile Internet market with rival Apple.

Under the new measure, developers of subscription-based applications will only pay 15% of their total revenue to Google, after they had to wait until the second year to reduce the percentage to 15% from the 30% generally accepted in this market.

“The lack of renewal from year to year makes it difficult for subscription-based applications to benefit from this reduction in the percentage” of the commission, said Samir Samat, vice president of the Android operating system.

The rate charged for on-demand e-books and music services will also be reduced to 10%.

The vast majority of smartphones in the world run Android operating systems from Google and iOS from Apple.

The two American giants consistently stress that the commission they charge for paid apps, which are a minority in the market, ensures that the platforms function properly, private data is protected, and the payment systems are secure.

However, many publishers are protesting against these commissions because of lost profits, while the authorities accuse them of exploiting their dominant position in the market.


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