Google Chrome introduces the RSS follow-up feature on Android.. Get to know it


Google now allows you to follow sites within its Google Chrome mobile browser with a new feature that helps you track your favorite sites within the browser without worrying about a third-party service like Feedly, and the feature provides a similar effect to following an account via Twitter or Instagram, except that you get content updates from Through the browser in the new tab page.

According to the Arab Technical News Gateway, this ability is widely available to anyone who owns an Android device that includes the latest version of the Chrome 94 browser, which was launched in the Google Play Store at the end of September.

Google introduced the ability earlier this year with a Canary beta version of the browser on Android. A company spokesperson said at the time that it planned to return to displaying content through RSS feeds so that it could fill out the aforementioned follow-up section for its users.

The ability is shown in the full list via the stable version of the browser for Android. But since it is still being rolled out, you may need to enable it manually.

Within the browser for Android, you must type chrome://flags in the links bar to reveal hidden browser settings. Next, find the web feed and select the Enable option to turn it on. And the browser advises you to restart.

When you start adding sites, you see them in the Continue section every time you launch a new tab. However, the more sources you add, the more sections of content to track, with each domain separated into its own little area.

This feature is not a replacement for the old traditional RSS feed. But they make it easy to keep track of the sites you visit regularly. And that’s without having to contend with the sometimes inappropriate Discover algorithm, which collects links to articles based on your Google activity.

Chrome’s director of engineering, Adrian Porter Felt, tweeted that iOS users should expect the feature to arrive sometime next year.

It’s not clear how many people will have access to the new feature by default, Felt writes. But you can enable it yourself via hidden browser settings.

The feature will not have the same level of benefit as dedicated RSS readers. Google Reader may not compensate you. But it might be an easy way to stay up to date with updates from your favorite websites.


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