Golden tips to survive the dangers of winter


Colds, weak immunity, winter depression are all problems that people face during the winter season in particular; However, doctors do not stop talking about golden tips that, if implemented by a person, can escape from all these problems.

Winter has strong effects on the blood circulation in the human body, especially as it becomes more susceptible to infection with viruses, and laziness that accompanies an increase in weight, but through nutrition, all of this can be avoided.

wrong bleives

Dr. Magdy Nazih, head of the Scientific Foundation for Food Culture in Egypt, advised people who suffer from winter problems to be consistent in food, which varies from person to person, and depends on his height, age, lifestyle, and rate of calorie loss.

He explained in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia” that a person should receive his food needs without increasing or decreasing.

From the land of frost

He stressed that the body needs three main things: the first is energy in proportion to the amount it consumes or expends, the second is building materials that build cells such as proteins such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, or dairy, and the third is food that contains vitamins, minerals and plant fibers, and rare organic compounds.

He concluded his speech by “the importance of the individual resorting to consuming foods that give a feeling of warmth, and that do not provide the body with excess energy, such as the lentils and onions with food.”

Vitamin C, warm drinks and water

Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Hakim, a consultant in therapeutic nutrition and slimming, directed the necessity of eating vegetables and fruits, especially those that contain vitamin C such as oranges and lemons.

“These vegetables and fruits strengthen the body’s immune system and reduce weight,” Abdel Hakim said in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia.”

The therapeutic nutrition consultant explained that warm drinks in the winter enhance the air temperature and the person’s feeling of warmth, citing examples of “anise, cinnamon, ginger and mint.”

He pointed out the importance of proteins, whether plant or animal; It does not contain high calories and at the same time is a source of energy, salts and minerals.

He added, “Fat meals and fats must be reduced,” stressing that “the concept of eating makes a person feel warm is wrong, and excessive food makes a person susceptible to some diseases in the heart, atherosclerosis, strokes, and others.”

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