Gold prices rise 9 pounds per gram within a week in the goldsmiths market


Has risen gold price In the Egyptian market, 9 pounds during this week’s trading, which begins with the opening of trading in international stock exchanges, and the price recorded an increase from 773 to 782 pounds per gram at the time of drafting these lines.

Gold prices today, Monday:

21 karat records 782 pounds, 18 karat records 670 pounds, 24 karat records 884 pounds, the gold pound records 6256 pounds, and an ounce of gold records 1790 dollars.

gold price The publication in the context of these lines is not added to the workmanship, which varies from one company to another and from one merchant to another, and according to the type of work in each gold piece, as well as tax and stamp duty.

Gold is now receiving support from the dollar’s decline against rival currencies, and the US currency is heading towards recording the second weekly decline in a row, due to news that the debt-laden Chinese Evergrande Group has avoided a default that supported the appetite for high-risk assets, and prompted concerns about the real estate development group, which equals its debt 2% of China’s GDP, investors hold safe-haven currencies such as the US dollar and government debt.

Gold prices witnessed clear turmoil during the past week, and gold moved in a limited range, but it did not settle at a certain point as a result of speculation on the precious metal. precious metal.

Gold prices today

At the near level, the global market for gold trading is awaiting the announcement of the preliminary reading of the British manufacturing and service PMI and in the euro area, as well as in the United States of America and the announcement of Canadian retail sales and the currency report issued by the US Treasury, which are the events that chart the movement of gold in the near time and can be The price movement is within 10 dollars globally and we are currently recording the price of 1790 dollars, and prices may reach levels of 1800 dollars in the global stock exchanges in the event of an upward trend, and in the event of a decline if the data is negative, the price will not move much below 1770 dollars.

On the long run, the price of gold is awaiting a major event during November 2021, after the Federal Reserve hinted at reducing the bond purchase program in November, and also noted the possibility of raising interest rates in 2022, and these developments will strongly affect gold prices, as the money will go to trade Interest and stay away from gold that does not yield a return.


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