For those interested in buying PS5.. Sony offers a “golden chance” on the Christmas holidays


Almost a year ago, Sony released its new “fifth” game console.Play StationPS5, in stores and markets, where the company sells any quantity through stores within minutes of its launch.

Sony is trying to reach as many people as possible who cannot catch up with buying the device from stores, where the resale process is the only chance for them to get the device that has achieved wide popularity, but the large company has developed a new system to help these customers get the device the new.

And Sony decided to open the door for registration to purchase the PS5, through its electronic signature, through a reservation before the offering, and the company said that it would make a limited number of devices available on the website for reservations, during the upcoming Christmas holidays, and that those wishing to acquire the device can buy Through the site, the company will invite them to purchase the device when it is released, and the beneficiaries of this service must be customers with an account on the “Play Station Network” service.

According to the “Cnetcom” website, which specializes in technical news, the fortunes of applicants and those wishing to purchase the new device from Sony will depend on the extent of their previous interests and activities on PlayStation devices, which means that the company will examine whether the account holder has already tried previously. Buying the device from Sony’s PlayStation Direct website or not, and whether the account already plays video games on the platform.

And the website specialized in technology explained that Sony, in this way, seeks to reduce attempts to buy devices to resell them to customers at higher prices, which leads to quickly running out of quantities offered for sale.

It should be noted that the registration for the game console will be limited to customers with a residential address in the United States. Any customer who has registered and does not have a US address will cancel the reservation.


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