For the second day in a row, Europe resorts to using gas reserves from its warehousesToday, Saturday, October 16, 2021 09:19 PM 20 minutes ago


For the second day in a row, European countries consume more gas from their reservoirs than they pump there.

This comes in the circumstances when the level of reserves in gas reservoirs fell to the lowest level and amounted to 77.04%, which is 14.07 percentage points lower than the average 5 years ago. This volume of gas may be sufficient for European countries, but the low level of reserves reduces the maximum daily production and the likelihood of a rapid response to the severe cold season.

The level of gas reserves decreased on October 14 by 0.02 percentage points, while it decreased on October 13 – for the first time during the current season – by 0.05 percentage point.

Meanwhile, the Russian company “Gazprom” continues to pump gas to its warehouses in Austria and Germany.

In 2020, European countries moved from pumping gas to consuming it at approximately the same stage, especially on October 12. The temperature at that time was similar to what Europe is witnessing this year. But the situation in the last year was different in principle, as inside the warehouses there was the most possible amount of accumulated gas after two warm winters. As for the current season, the volume of gas in European warehouses has decreased to the lowest level in history, and it was expected that gas will continue to be pumped into the warehouses. More in order to visit the precautions.

Low gas reserves in European warehouses, and Europe’s inability to dictate them to a safe level before the onset of cold weather due to global shortages, raise fears that cause gas prices to rise. The growth in fuel prices in Asian markets also helps.

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