For the first time in its history, Al-Ahly of Egypt crowned the Arab Basketball Championship


  Al-Ahly defeated Al-Kuwait Club in the final (Al-Ittihad Al-Arabi’s Facebook account)</p><div><p align="center" dir="RTL" style="text-align:center; margin-bottom:11px"> 

Club crowned Al-Ahly of EgyptArab Championship title basketball For the first time in its history, after beating Kuwait Al Kuwait 78-66, in the final match that took place between them in the covered hall in Alexandria.

It is the first time in the history of Al-Ahly that the championship has been crowned, after previous attempts during which it reached the final without being crowned, which is calculated in favor of its Spanish coach, Augusti Buchen, who took charge before the beginning of the current season, and succeeded in making history, and leading the Red Devils basket to grab the Arab title. Great.

The match witnessed the brilliance of many players of the two teams, such as Alexander Khaled, James Validan, Kikanovic, Hamad Adnan, Fahd Abdullah, Omar Al Hohood and Hussein Abdel Rahman of Kuwait, Michael Thompson, Amr Al-Jundi, Fakoudi, Amr Zahran, Ihab Amin and Muhammad Abu Al-Nasr from Al-Ahly, and they were the most influential in the meeting. .

The tactical performance dominated the performance of the coaches of the two teams, whether the Spanish coach Augusti Bosch, the coach of Al-Ahly, or the German Peter Schumers, the coach of Kuwait, and the defensive plans and the offensive way of playing varied several times over the four periods, and they exchanged superiority in many periods without preference for a team at the expense of another except at the end of the period .

The first period came, exciting, started by Kuwait Al-Kuwaiti ahead through the brilliance of its players Kekanovic, James Validan and Omar Al-Hohood, and he was superior on more than one occasion, until he reached 9/8, but Al-Ahly quickly entered the atmosphere of the match in turn, with the brilliance of Michael Thompson, Muhammad Abu Al-Nasr, Saif Samir and Fakoudi to advance 10/ 9, and then the meeting enters an exciting debate between the two teams, during which they exchange progress more than once until Kuwait Al-Kuwait succeeded in advancing 23/20 and ended the period in his favour. .

In the second period, Kuwait continued to advance several times, relying on the brilliance of James, the playmaker, and his best players ever, who was the source of the team’s registration, despite the censorship imposed on him by Muhammad Abu Al-Nasr and then Amr Al-Jundi. Kuwait advances 25/20 then 28/24 and then the meeting increases Excitement and Al-Ahly advance 29/28, but Kuwait quickly regained supremacy, and succeeded in ending the period in his favor 37/36 .

In the third period, Al-Ahly presented his best 10 minutes in the match ever, and turned his delay into full progress with the brilliance of all his players, who were pushed by Augusti Bosch, such as Michael Thompson, Fakodi, Ihab Amin and Amr Al-Jundi. The successful double and triple shots from Al-Ahly players varied, amid haste. A big part of the Kuwaiti players, who at the same time presented the worst offers amid complete control of the individual, and Al-Ahly succeeded in advancing several times, until he ended the period in his favour, with a score of 63/49, a difference of 14 points. .

In the fourth period, Al-Ahly continued its complete superiority in the match, through the brilliance of the professional duo Facudi and Michael Thompson, in addition to Saif Samir, so that Al-Ahly finished the meeting in his favour, 78/66 and crowned the championship. .

In the meeting to determine the third and fourth place holders, Al-Zahraa Club of Tunisia won the third place and the bronze medal, after its deserved victory over Al Ittihad of Alexandria, the defending champion, 78/73.، Al-Zahraa finished the first period 17/9, then the second 38/27, then the third 55/47, before deciding the result at the end of the match and taking the bronze .

Al-Zahraa Al-Tunisi players celebrated by releasing group songs and dances, immediately after the match, by taking the bronze.


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