Facebook will change its name: What is it?


The technical website, The Verge, reported that Facebook intends to change the name of its company next week, to reflect its focus on creating and developing the metaverse, citing sources familiar with the matter.

According to “theverge”, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg intends to talk about the new name at the annual Connect conference, which is scheduled to be held on October 28, but it may be revealed soon.

The move would likely put the flagship app as one of several products under the supervision of a parent company that oversees brands such as Instagram and WhatsApp, and according to the report, Google previously undertook such a restructuring, when it was reorganized into a holding company called Alphabet in 2015. .

Last July, Mark Zuckerberg spoke about the metaverse, a digital world where people can move between different devices and communicate in a virtual environment, and the company has invested heavily in virtual reality and augmented reality, developing devices such as Oculus virtual reality glasses and working on augmented reality glasses and technologies. wrist.

The move comes at a time when Facebook is under widespread scrutiny from global lawmakers and regulators over its content modification practices and harms associated with its platforms, with leaks of internal documents by whistleblowers forming the basis for a US Senate hearing last week.

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