Facebook is going to change its name, for these reasons


homelandThe company “Facebook”, the owner of the giant social networking platforms, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, is moving to change its name as part of its plans to create a virtual world of “Metaverse”, according to the website “The Verge”, citing private sources, indicating that the announcement may take place soon.

However, the real reasons for changing the name may also be due to the widespread criticism facing the company after investigations that showed Facebook’s reliance on policies that harm a number of its users, as well as its adoption of discriminatory laws and its failure to interact with warnings about mental health.

Facebook may announce the new name in the coming days, or wait for the date of October 28 of this month, at the company’s annual conference, which will witness the presence of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

However, a company spokesperson declined to comment to The Verge and said it does not comment on rumors or speculation. The expected name that will collect the company’s products has not been leaked, but it will inevitably change from the name of its most prominent platform, that is, Facebook.

And “The Verge” indicated that the new name is kept in a very confidential manner and is not known even to a group of prominent officials, but the site speculated that the name was related to “Horizon”, in relation to the virtual reality glasses that the company developed some time ago and has an application for it on phones. smart.

Zuckerberg had previously told the same site a few weeks ago that the company would focus heavily on metaviruses, noting that this is related to the speed with which the Internet is developing and to his company’s role in developing Internet services.

Metaverse is a very advanced form of virtual reality, as it allows the user to enter a virtual world with very wide options than what is currently available in virtual reality, as it enables even virtual meetings close to reality between people, and to attend events that were organized on the ground.

Several international Internet companies have previously changed their name, including the giant Google, which was restructured and grouped its services under a huge group in 2015 called Alphabet.

Among the problems that Facebook is exposed to is what Frances Hogan, a former employee of Facebook in Congress, revealed from internal documents that revealed controversial policies within the platform, including special treatment for a group of celebrities, and ignoring reports about psychological harm to teenage girls in Instagram, and Facebook was also dealt a major blow, after The services of all its platforms were interrupted for several hours a few days ago.

Facebook announced the creation of 10,000 jobs for the development of “Metaverse” within the European Union over a period of five years, intended for highly skilled people.

Source: (DW)


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