Facebook accuses Ukraine of stealing and selling data of 178 million users



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The US company, “Facebook”, filed a lawsuit against a Ukrainian citizen in his country, accusing him of stealing the data of 178 million users and selling them through social networking sites.

“From January 2018 to September 2019,” Facebook representatives noted, “Alexander Solonchenko, also known as Solomami, gained access to the account identification data and phone numbers of 178 million users of the network, and for this purpose used a special program that automatically sends requests to users through Messenger app.

According to the prosecution, “Solomami sold the stolen data in a specialized forum on the Internet, and also published on the portal the data of 10 million users of Ukraine’s Privatbank and a French analytical company.”

“Solonchenko acted in violation of the terms of service and platform rules,” the statement said.

The administration of “Facebook” expects that “the court will oblige Solonchiko to compensate her for the damage and prevent him from using the services of the site.”

Source: “TASS”


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