Expo 2020 Dubai.. Discussion sessions to support Arab women


Dubai (WAM)

Female researchers in space sciences sent a message of support and encouragement to women in the Arab and Islamic worlds, during a panel discussion hosted by the Women’s Pavilion at “Expo 2020 Dubai” as part of the Space Week activities. The Human and Planet Earth Programme.
During the panel discussion, which was held in cooperation with the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum under the title “Women in the Arab and Islamic Worlds”, women figures from the Arab world shared their distinguished experiences in the fields of science, especially those related to space, and stressed the need for women’s continued participation in the progression of this important scientific field in The light of space science’s focus on the Arab and Islamic scientific heritage, including the contributions made by women figures, including the Muslim astronomer Maryam Al-Astrolabi, who invented the complex astrolabe.
Aisha Al Owais, Assistant Researcher at the Sharjah Academy of Astronomy and Space Science and Technology, said: “Today’s participation in the dialogue session in the Women’s Pavilion dealt with several themes, most notably the role of women in the past, present and future in the field of space sciences and astronomy, which focused on the most important works presented by Arab women in the field of space science and technology. The past, and the most prominent scientific projects that are being worked on here in the UAE, through the latest and most accurate centers specialized in the fields of space and astronomy.
She also praised the leadership role in the UAE, which supports women and is keen to include them in many of the country’s future plans, especially in the field of space science, in which many ambitious Emirati women participate. Among the women as well, through the great demand for university majors in space and astronomy sciences, in which women participate strongly.
Randa Asaad, assistant professor of physics at the American University of Sharjah, said: “We need to motivate young people and focus on the challenges we face. It is not easy to be an astronomer; There may be difficulties and challenges, but this is normal, it is part of the journey.”

Hedia Chakroun, assistant professor of hydraulic engineering and geomatics at the Tunisian University of Al-Manar, stressed the importance of such discussions in order to talk about the role of women in space pioneering, by telling the stories of “the well-established” in the Arab and Islamic past and reviewing their important role in development, such as Maryam Al-Astralabi, who developed a device The West benefited from it in the sixteenth century and to this day in determining the locations, expressing her happiness with the efforts of Emirati women and their prominent role in all fields, especially in space sciences, thanks to the wise leadership in the Emirates.


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