Ericsson partners with du and Pure Harvest


Dubai: «The Gulf»

Ericsson has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Du, a subsidiary of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, and the UAE agricultural technology company, Pure Harvest for Smart Farms, to deploy innovative smart farming solutions based on 5G technologies in agricultural sites in Al Ain. The 5G solutions that will be deployed will take advantage of devices currently in use on Pure Harvest farms, such as sensors, drones and robots, and will increase the efficiency of their operations. The new memorandum of understanding was signed on the sidelines of GITEX Technology Week 2021.

The goals of the new memorandum of understanding to spread smart agriculture solutions based on 5G technologies are in line with the goals of the UAE’s sustainability agenda, which aims to enable access to sufficient and affordable food, achieve sustainable economic growth, build healthy ecosystems, and increase resource efficiency.

Many organizations in the Middle East, especially the UAE, are witnessing an increase in the use of 5G networks and the Internet of Things. The ultra-low response time, ultra-fast speeds, and high throughput of 5G technologies open up huge opportunities in smart agriculture. Fifth generation technologies also enhance the use of autonomous vehicles, such as drones, to carry out pest and weed control operations. Moreover, 5G-enabled connected devices make it possible to collect vast amounts of data that can be used to improve operations and increase understanding of agricultural variables, such as local humidity and precipitation, and changes in temperature, ensuring improved crop yields and increased quality.

Sky Kurtz, founder and CEO of Pure Harvest Smart Farms, said: “We are pleased to work alongside Ericsson and du to leverage 5G solutions across farms in Al Ain.

Fahad Al-Hasawi, CEO of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, said: “As a leading national company in providing 5G-based solutions and supporting the sustainability agenda in the UAE, du is proud of its collaboration with Pure Harvest and Ericsson. To provide a range of advanced solutions supported by 5G technology in the field of smart agriculture.

Fadi Faroun, President, Ericsson Middle East and Africa, said: “The farming industry is ready to undergo a digital transformation journey, as farmers realize the importance of digital technologies such as sensors, drones and robotics to increase the efficiency of their operations. Collaboration brings the reality of the Internet of Things to life.


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