Enter a new age.. The first comment from Wael Kfoury after he was involved in a traffic accident


The artist, Wael Kfoury, was keen to reassure the public about him after he had a terrible traffic accident a few days ago, as he published his “story” on his personal page on the “Instagram” website, in which he sent a message to his fans and his fans, and also sent a special message to his friends, artists, composers and poets.

The artist Wael Kfoury said, “From the heart, and after a new life was born, a word of thanks, love and loyalty to all fellow artists, to all composers and poets, to all those in the artistic and media circles, to politicians, fans, friends, and to every lover who loves me.”

And Kfoury continued, saying: “You overwhelmed me with your love and your fear of me. Believe me, I touched the love of every one of you. I am grateful for your prayers. Every word you said meant to me and resonated with the heart. I thank you one by one and apologize. I was unable to communicate with you or respond to your contacts.”

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He added: “But, God willing, soon we will continue the first thing that becomes better and we meet and I will return to see your face well. May God keep evil away from each one of you, and what happens to you or anything bad, and the greatest thanks to my Lord, who responded to me and gave me new days through which I can meet in your love at the lowest level.”

It is reported that the artist Wael Kfoury had a traffic accident in the city of Jbeil while he was in the car and was taken to the hospital to check on his health. the hospital.


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