Egypt .. A crucial session in Zamalek to extend the “stars” contracts


The temporary committee assigned by the Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports, since taking over the leadership of the White Castle last May, was able to extend the contracts of Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wansh and Ahmed Al-Sayed “Zizou”, in addition to Youssef Ibrahim “Obama”, in a move that pleased the masses. white castle.

Extending the contracts of Tariq Hamed and Abu Jabal

On the other hand, an official source revealed zamalek club In exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”, officials of the temporary committee in charge of managing the tasks of the White Club moved to extend the contracts of a number of white team players in the coming period.

The source confirmed that, in agreement with French coach Patrice Carteron, the temporary committee will hold a meeting with the duo Tariq Hamed and goalkeeper Mohamed Abu Jabal, to discuss the extension of their contracts with the first football team in Zamalek in the coming period.

Duo contracts expire Tariq Hamed and Muhammad Abu Jabal With Zamalek at the end of the next season “2021-2022”, where they are entitled to sign for any club during the next period of the winter transfers in accordance with the regulations of the International Football Association, which gives the player the right to sign for a new team in the last six months with his contract with his original club.

The source confirmed that there is a strong desire from Zamalek officials to resolve the file of extending the contracts of the duo, Tariq Hamed and Muhammad Abu Jabal, after the end of the Kenyan Tusker match scheduled for next Friday, in the second leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League competition.

The source pointed out that Zamalek management It seeks to ensure that Tariq Hamed and Muhammad Abu Jabal remain with the white team for the next three years, stressing that they are among the main strength of the club, and that the administration will appreciate them financially in the new contract in proportion to their giving to the club in recent periods.

What’s new in Ben Sharqi’s file

And about the developments in the file to extend the contract of the Moroccan international player Ashraf bin Sharqi With Zamalek, the source went on to indicate that negotiations between the two parties are still pending when there is a dispute over the value of the penalty clause.

The source added that the coming period will witness a breakthrough in the negotiations to extend the contract of Ashraf bin Sharqi, after the player waived his condition regarding the value of the penalty clause estimated at 500 thousand dollars, and agreed to put an amount of 2 million dollars in exchange for the termination of his contract.

The source explained that the dispute currently lies in the timing of activating the penalty clause in Ashraf bin Sharqi’s new contract with Zamalek, where the white management wants to activate this condition in the second season of his contract, while the player requested to activate it since the first season.

The source stressed that the dispute with Ashraf bin Sharqi has become “simple”, stressing that the coming period will witness progress in negotiations to extend the player’s contract in order to secure his stay with the club, as he is one of the most important elements with the team.

It is worth noting that the contract of the Moroccan international player Ashraf Bencharki, the wing of the first football team in Zamalek, expires with the White Club at the end of next season, and he has the right to sign for any new team next January.


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