East Timor celebrates its National Day at Expo 2020 Dubai


East Timor is preparing to celebrate its National Day on November 28 at Expo 2020 Dubai.

José Lucas de Carmo da Silva, Minister of Tourism, Trade and Industry, Joaquim Amaral, Minister and Coordinator of Economic Affairs, and Julia da Silva, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of East Timor – confirmed during a press conference held at the media center of Expo 2020 Dubai to announce the National Day of the Republic of Timor. East Timor – Participation in Expo 2020 Dubai came with the aim of linking relations and building bridges of cooperation with the UAE, in addition to promoting tourism in East Timor, as it is an important destination for tourists.

East Timor’s pavilion at Expo 2020 focuses on several areas, namely “agriculture, fishing, tourism, industry, trade, communication and transportation”.

His Excellency Joachim Amaral expressed his congratulations to the UAE for this distinguished and successful hosting of Expo 2020 Dubai. He said that the geographical location of the UAE made it a gateway to Africa, Europe and South America, and would serve any trade relationship or economic cooperation.

For his part, Jose Lucas de Carmo da Silva said: “The UAE is a model for economic diversification and non-reliance on oil, as East Timor seeks to benefit from the Emirati experience in this field.”

Giuliao da Silva, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, said that cooperation between the UAE and East Timor would be a starting point for bringing airlines from the Arab Gulf to his country, especially Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways, pointing to studying plans to increase the number of tourists and visitors, including the visa waiver program between the two countries.

He said: “Arab Gulf airlines, especially Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines, will fly in the skies of East Timor, and in the coming years we will develop the international airport in East Timor to raise the number of passengers and tourists to our country.”

He added: There are political relations between the two friendly countries since 2009, as the UAE is an important market for Africa and Europe, due to the UAE’s distinguished relations with all countries of the world.



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