Dubai Roads carries out 1,331 inspections of the school transport sector in the emirate


The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai recently carried out (1331) inspections of the school transport activity in (103) schools across the Emirate of Dubai, as part of its constant endeavor to regulate the practices of this sector and to determine the extent to which operators comply with the requirements in force in this activity and the application of precautionary measures to limit the spread of the virus. The spread of “Covid-19” during student transportation.

In detail, Saeed Al Balushi, Director of the Passenger Transport Activities Monitoring Department at the Public Transport Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority, said: “With the start of the school year (2021-2022) and the return of studies and the regularity of work in a normal and present manner with the beginning of this October, we started implementing these inspections as part of the campaigns. Continuous inspection of this important sector of transport activities, which deals with different age groups of students, whose movement is constantly, safely and smoothly, on board sophisticated buses equipped with advanced safety and comfort means.”

Al Balushi added: These inspections come within the framework of pre-established strategic plans to monitor the mechanism of school transport buses in the Emirate of Dubai and the extent of their compliance with the legislation and laws regulating the work of these buses, explaining that the number of inspections for the campaign reached (1331), including buses belonging to (103) schools. And it resulted in issuing (108) violations, most of which centered around (the drivers and supervisors not obtaining permits to practice the profession), while the rest were distributed to (violating specifications and standards related to school bus safety and non-compliance with the technical specifications approved by the Authority).

The Director of the Passenger Transport Activities Monitoring Department at the Public Transport Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority continued: “The campaign coverage for buses belonging to (103) schools out of a total of (205) schools is due to several things, including that the schools were providing distance education due to the pandemic during the last academic year ( 2020-2021), in addition to a difference in the timings of buses arriving at schools for reasons, some of which are due to the challenges of (Covid-19), stressing that inspection campaigns on school transport buses continue throughout the school year according to the plans set for them, as the authority pays great attention to this activity, including It ensures the safety of students during their daily commuting trips, as an embodiment of its vision (global leadership in easy and sustainable mobility).



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