Dubai Electricity and Water Authority develops the “Green Charger” initiative for electric cars


As part of its efforts to expand and spread the concept of green and sustainable mobility in the Emirate of Dubai, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority continues to develop the “Green Charger” initiative, which it launched to provide charging stations for electric vehicles throughout Dubai, by adopting innovative technologies that contribute to the success of this initiative. It makes the customer experience smooth and fast at more than 300 of the “Green Charger” stations, including more than 530 charging points, spread throughout the emirate.

Stimulating the use of sustainable transportation

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Managing Director and CEO of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, said: “Within the vision and directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, to transform Dubai into the smartest and happiest city in the world, and within our efforts To consolidate Dubai’s position as the global capital of the green economy, we are continuing to develop the green charger initiative for electric vehicles, based on the latest technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to encourage community members to purchase environmentally friendly electric vehicles, in order to achieve the Dubai Green Mobility Initiative 2030, which aims to stimulate the use of sustainable means of transportation in line with With the strategic goals of the emirate in terms of sustainability, air quality and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The package of incentives launched by the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, in which the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority participates with a number of government agencies, has contributed to encouraging green mobility in Dubai, as the number of electric vehicles reached 3,100 vehicles and the number of hybrid vehicles was 9,300 until the end of May 2021.”

Shipping of registered and unregistered vehicles

Now all electric vehicle users, whether they have “green charger” cards or not, can charge their cars at the authority’s green charger stations, where the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority provides its services to all users of electric vehicles in Dubai, including local and international visitors by allowing them They can charge their car using the “visitor feature”, without the need to create an account with the authority. The user can choose one of the available packages to charge the vehicle and pay the due fees through different payment channels, and start the charging process through the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority smart application or by scanning the QR Code installed on the green charger stations and following the instructions through their smart devices. As for the authority’s customers registered in the “green charger” services, they can benefit from the service using the “green charger” card or by scanning the QR code on the green charger stations using their smart devices.

Smart applications to locate charging stations

Customers can locate green charging stations in Dubai using the authority’s website and smart application, in addition to digital map platforms such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, Four Square, Factual, and What Three Words technology. What3Words, GIS2, Careem, TomTom and Here Maps, Plugshare, Electromaps and Yellowmaps.

Automatic Enrollment in Green Charger Service

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority provides green charger services to electric vehicle owners within one hour of registering their vehicles with the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai. Customers can also register for the Green Charger account through the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority website and smart application.

“Green Charger” high speed

As part of its efforts to enrich the customers’ experience and save their effort and time, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has completed the installation of two high-speed “green charger” stations for electric vehicles (direct current with a power of 150 kilowatts) at ENOC station at Expo 2020 Dubai and in the authority’s main building. Installing more high-speed charging stations in key locations in the Emirate of Dubai, to reduce the vehicle charging period, which increases the happiness of electric vehicle users.


The authority has registered a new patent for an innovative system developed by researchers at the authority’s research and development center specialized in smart charging stations for electric vehicles. The system allows all types of electric vehicles to be charged using a single cable and plug, whether for vehicles charged by alternating current or direct current. The new system contributes to making the design of charging stations as user-friendly as possible, as the charging station adapts the cable and the charging process automatically to the requirements of the vehicle, so that the process of charging all electric vehicles through one system.

Incentives to encourage green mobility

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority contributes to supporting green mobility in the emirate by providing incentives and facilities to promote the acquisition of electric vehicles and raising awareness about the importance of green mobility. The authority allows free charging of non-commercial electric vehicles registered in the “green charger” service until December 31, 2021, provided that this is available exclusively at the authority’s public charging stations, and not at home charging stations. As for commercial vehicle owners, they had to pay a fee of 29 fils per kWh. The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai also offers a number of incentives, including the allocation of free parking spaces for electric vehicles, a reduction in the authority’s fees when registering electric vehicles, and an exemption from the Salik sticker fee.


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