Donia Batma grabs attention again, this time with her mother and her two daughters! – Norte newspaper


The Moroccan artist always provokesDonia ButmaControversy with her appearance and pictures that she publishes through her accounts on social media, especially in terms of the recent change in her features

. And this time, I participated Donia Butma Her followers are a picture collected by her mother, MrsLaila Atassi​, to which a writer commented: “Dear and Crown of the Head.. God protects you, Mama, and preserves all your mothers.”

The photo aroused the admiration of the followers, and they interacted with her with their comments, and they talked about Laila’s look, and her attractive facial features.

Among the comments: “Our dear singer is with the mother of all Moroccans, Aunt Leila.” Another person commented: “May God protect you and enlighten your path.” For details, see the report.

as posted Donia Butma Two photos, accompanied by her two daughters, “Ghazal” and “Laila Rose”, from her husband, the Bahraini businessman and producer, Mohammed Al-Turk.

Butma appeared in the pictures while she was sitting next to her eldest daughter, “Ghazal”, while she was carrying her youngest daughter, “Laila Rose”, and they were wearing the Moroccan caftan, amid a wide interaction from the public on social networking sites.

Many followers commented on the similarity in clothes between Donia Butma And her two daughters, noting that the artist is keen from time to time to design the same clothes that she wears for her two daughters as well, in order to take pictures that document their memories together.


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