Dina Hayek reveals a secret about her previous engagement and sends a message to Tony Kahwagi


The Lebanese actress revealedDina HayekAbout her engagement to a person and then her separation from him due to separation, given that he lives outside Lebanon, and that he was the love of her life, despite that, she confirmed that the relationship was excellent between them and that she still loves him to this day. And confirmed her rejection of the idea of ​​cohabitation. She also wishes to marry and establish a family like any woman.
Hayek drew attention to an interview with the Lebanese journalistRabaa Al-ZayyatOn the “Show the Story” program on the “Lana” channel, about the plastic surgery she underwent, which is her nose surgery for the third time, when she took a “cortisone” needle, which led to her picking up a germ that led her health condition to death, and she was almost deformed, and she refused to defame the doctor who performed The operation, but continued her treatment for a year and a half away from the media.
She confirmed that what worried her most at the time was the feeling of her mother, who had lost a son before, and could not bear another loss. Her last treatment was in Germany, where a plastic surgeon was able to treat and restore her nose. Today, she advises all women “not to undergo rhinoplasty more than once.”
Technically, she pointed out that the songs of the past years were stronger than today and are still gaining popularity.
For the first time, she announced that she felt that she was being fought because of her lack of appearance for years on the “LBC” channel, specifically on the director’s programs.Tony KahwajiThe one who sent him a message saying: “Tony, I love you, I have been deprived of 9 years. I have seen LBC, what is your fault, but I wanted to know why?”


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