“Defect”… The first comment from Elisa on wearing a bulletproof shield


10:22 AM

Sunday 24 October 2021

I wrote – Manal El-Gioshy:

Lebanese singer Elissa commented, through her official account on Twitter, about what was raised about her wearing a bulletproof shield at her last concert in Iraq.

She wrote: “My visit to Baghdad was a visit between my family, my people, and people who love and love me. I didn’t need a protective shield or anyone else. All this talk is ridiculous and has no credibility.”

And she continued, “I was surrounded by a security team like in any country, and the situation was extremely safe. I hope everyone not to discuss the issue because it has no basis in truth…a defect.”

A number of social media pioneers had circulated pictures in which they suggested that the Lebanese artist had worn a bulletproof shield at her party, which was held in the Iraqi capital a few days ago.



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