Dar Al-Iftaa: It is not permissible to tie the ovaries of a woman except for a necessity determined by a trustworthy specialist doctor


The Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa, on its official page on the social networking site Facebook, re-published a fatwa regarding linking the ovaries. Because it is a cut for the offspring who are commanded to preserve it, which is one of the five necessities that all the laws came with.

And Dar Al-Iftaa continued: “But if there is a necessity to tie a woman’s genitals, as if she fears that her life will perish, if pregnancy occurs in the future, or there is a hereditary disease that is feared to be transmitted to the fetus, then it is permissible to perform the linkage process in this case, and the one who rules with this is the trustworthy competent doctor.” .

And the Egyptian Dar Al-Iftaa concluded: “The scholars have agreed that it is forbidden for a person to take what cuts off his offspring absolutely, and that it is permissible to take some medications to delay pregnancy if there is an excuse such as raising children and so on, and God Almighty knows best.”


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