Dalal Abdel Aziz attends, after her death, a film, “Teams of Experience” – in the picture


The producer of the movie releasedExperience teamsThe official poster for it, in preparation for its presentation during the current month of October.
What is remarkable is the participation of the late actressDalal Abdel AzizIn the film, and thus, she will attend after her death, and her audience will be able to see her latest works.
The official poster for the movie Teams of Experience reveals a romantic relationship that the hero of the movie is having, the stages of which seem to differ greatly as a result of the experiences he acquires in his life.
The film revolves around Naji, a quiet dreamer who embarks on a surprising journey discovering life, love, and human relationships when an unplanned interview with Salma prompts him; To go on an adventure and escape from his family problems. A comedy drama about maturity that follows Naji as he learns to control his own destiny after living through the eyes of those around him.
It seems clear in an expert team poster that explains different chapters of the relationship of young Naji with his girlfriend Salma. In separate pictures, we witness moments of them in different circumstances; Where we find Naji in the first picture standing completely alone, then followed by a picture of him standing facing Salma in hesitation, then a picture of them lying next to each other happily, and finally a cold-colored picture that brings them apart at the two ends of a dining table in silence.
Experienced teams co-starring with actorsMohammed Al-SharnoubiوHuda Al MuftiThe late Dalal Abdel Aziz, Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi and Taha Al-Desouki, written and directed by Sherif Naguib, the author of the two films No Retreat, No Surrender and the dearest boy, who is going through his first directing experiences.


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