Corona Virus: How does the epidemic affect memory?


  • Claudia Hammond
  • BBC

Does the Corona virus lead to poor memory?

photo released, Getty Images

Did your memory worsen during the Corona epidemic? There are data and scientific studies that seek to answer this question.

In November 2020, I wrote an article about how we are getting more and more forgetful during the coronavirus pandemic. The starting point were anecdotal reports from people who told me their memory seemed to let them down a lot during the lockdown.

In that article I spoke to Catherine Loveday, professor of cognitive neuroscience at the University of Westminster, and discussed the various factors that could play a role, but at that point there was no data to say how common this feeling of memory impairment is.

Now, thanks to Loveday, we have the data, and it’s being prepared for academic publication, but Loveday gave us a snapshot of the results.


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