Corona is regressing significantly .. health experts explain the reasons


The United States witnessed a significant increase in new infections with the Corona virus, during the past summer, but new cases decreased significantly and remarkably, during the recent period, amid questions about whether the country has passed the last wave of the epidemic waves.

The New York Times wrote that the United States, which is the country most affected by the emerging corona virus, witnessed an increase in Corona injuries, during the past summer, as a result of the “delta” mutator, which is spreading more quickly.

The United States is currently recording nearly 90,000 new cases of corona per day, which is 40 percent less compared to last August, which also led to a decline in deaths and cases that require hospitalization for treatment.

The American newspaper wondered whether the United States had already experienced the last wave of Corona waves that struck the country during the years 2020 and 2021.

Among the things that drive Americans to be optimistic, more than 70 percent of adults are fully vaccinated, and those under the age of 12 may become eligible to take the vaccination, within a few weeks.

It is also likely that the health authorities in the United States will approve an anti-coronavirus pill, which will make the treatment of “Covid 19” less complicated.

better situation

“We are definitely in a better epidemiological situation, compared to last year, there is no doubt about that,” says Nahid Badelia, director of the Center for Emerging Infectious Disease Research and Policy at Boston University.

But health experts warn that the epidemic is not over yet, despite the availability of vaccines against the Corona virus, especially in developed countries.

And when the United States recorded the first waves of the epidemic in 2020, there was no anti-vaccine, which forced the American authorities to bet on restricting social behavior and imposing distancing in order to curb the epidemic.

In the meantime, experts say that cases may rise again, and restrictions may be imposed on people, in order to contain the epidemic, but the situation will be less bad in the presence of vaccines and treatments.

In India, which suffered an epidemiological situation described as catastrophic, during the past summer, the trend of infections continues to decline in the country, as 16,862 cases were recorded, on Thursday, while the cases exceeded 400 thousand on the fifth of last May.

If the developed countries have benefited from the massive vaccination campaigns and were able to curb the epidemic, many developing countries are still striving hard to get the doses.

Developed countries are under severe criticism for not taking the initiative to help poor countries, as required, while experts believe that poor vaccination in some regions of the world will lead to the emergence of dangerous mutations that may turn back the clock.

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