Consumer Protection.. This car will not be dealt with


confirm device consumer protection That Volkswagen cars will not be dealt with as new cars and that the agency will closely follow up on this matter, and stressed that all markets, including the car market, are being followed up to preserve the rights of all consumers.

Device announced consumer protection On his official page on the social networking site Facebook, that regarding (existing posts) on social media regarding the occurrence of a traffic accident for one of the company’s agent’s trailers, and in light of the principles of transparency and publicity.

would like device consumer protection To make it clear to everyone that as soon as this incident was detected, the concerned company was addressed, which immediately responded and sent a letter to the device explaining the numbers of the chassis of the cars affected by the accident and enclosing a copy of the letter, pointing out that the company’s insurance company is being dealt with.

device called consumer protection Consumers, if they wish to file a complaint, quickly call the device’s hotline 19588.

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