Coming soon.. Infinite browsing feature on mobile phone from Google


International press reports revealed that the American company “Google” is currently testing the endless browsing feature through the version of the most popular search engine on mobile phones.

And a report published on the “Times News Now” website indicated that “Google is currently testing the introduction of the “continuous scroll” feature in search through its mobile platform.

The report pointed out that this feature will gradually appear to all users, but it is currently limited to searching in English, and it will be extended to other languages ​​soon.

Google is currently testing its feature in the United States of America, and promised to add other countries in the near future.

The user will not need to press successive pages when searching for anything, as soon as they scroll down, the Google search engine will go directly to the next page.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Google announced the formation of a “Cyber ​​Security Task Force” to support the security and digital transformation of governments, critical infrastructure, enterprises and small businesses, with the increase in hacking incidents between countries.

Google’s Cyber ​​Security Task Force has already drafted a Security and Resiliency Framework that provides a roadmap for a comprehensive security management program.


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