By court order, Trump is wanted to testify in a violent case


Former President Donald Trump has been summoned to testify next week in a lawsuit brought by rights activists who said his guards assaulted them during a 2015 protest in New York.

And the American “Bloomberg” agency reported that New York State Court Judge Doris M. Gonzalez ordered Trump to testify via video link at 10 am local time, on October 18.

Prosecutors allege that Trump’s bodyguards attacked them in September 2015, while they were demonstrating against his statements about Mexican immigrants and the Black Lives Matter movement outside his New York tower.

Trump had announced his candidacy for the presidency three months before that incident, and then made a speech in which he condemned the influx of what he described as Mexican “rapists and drug smugglers” to the United States.

Gonzalez ordered Trump to be summoned to testify in that case in 2019, but Trump, then president, said he could not be forced to testify.

Last July, Gonzalez rejected attempts by Trump to cancel the subpoenas requiring him to testify in the case, according to Bloomberg.


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