Bushra suffers a terrible accident in El Gouna and her car was completely destroyed.. in pictures


Bushra, the Egyptian artist, had a terrible accident in her car in the city of El Gouna a while ago, and was subsequently taken to the hospital, which worried her colleagues in El Gouna about her condition, as well as her audience.

Bushra’s health condition after an accident

The Egyptian artist, Bushra, was exposed to a terrible accident by car in the city of El Gouna today, and she published several photos that revealed the effects of the great accident that Bushra suffered a little while ago, and the effects of the complete destruction appeared on the car, which revealed the extent of the accident that Bushra suffered, and she worried her fellow artists at the El Gouna Festival. On her health, as well as the public, after revealing the photos of the accident she was exposed to.

Bushra's car
Bushra’s car

Bushra suffers a terrible accident in El Gouna

Sources revealed that the artist, Bushra, was filming a segment in a program presented by Mohamed Makkawi, and the paragraph required filming in the car, before the car overturned, and an injured Bushra got out of the car, and was taken to the hospital quickly in El Gouna by ambulance, and preliminary information indicates that she had bruises and wounds. In addition to the swelling of her face, she has not yet revealed the full details of her health condition after she was transferred to the hospital.

Bushra at El Gouna Festival

The artist, Bushra, is present in El Gouna these days to attend the activities of the El Gouna Film Festival. His full details as well as the details of her health condition.

human accident

The artist, Bushra, was also present with her husband, Salem Heikal, at the festival, and they appeared together at the opening ceremony of the festival recently, after they celebrated Bushra’s birthday days before the festival’s launch. Festival events and closing ceremonies.


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