BMW updates one of its most popular young cars


BMW updates one of its most popular young cars

BMW has announced its intention to launch new modified versions of the M135i, which is very popular with young groups around the world.

The new modified car will come with a sporty design hatchback body approximately 4 meters and 30 cm long, 179 cm wide and 143 cm high. It also received changes that give it a more powerful appearance compared to the current M135i cars, as it was equipped with new shock absorbers and air vents, and a modified design for the rear exhaust vents As well as a new wheel disc design.

This car also got modified suspension systems and shock absorbers that give it high stability on corners, and the multimedia and audio systems were equipped with technologies that make them interact with engine movement and acceleration in a distinctive way, and the driving system received special software that increases the driver’s interaction with maneuvering while driving.

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The mighty Civic from Honda show a new look!

This car will be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that generates 306 horses of torque, two rear and four-wheel drive systems, and eight-speed automatic gearboxes, and its prices are expected to start at 51,000 dollars.

Source: moto1


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