Block Barbie.. Maya Diab shares her fans with her latest look (photos)


The Lebanese star, Maya Diab, shared her fans and followers through her account on the “Instagram” website, with pictures of her latest look.

Maya appeared with a block, makeup and hair resembling the famous bride “Barbie”, and commented, “I can’t get enough of Barbie’s magic.”

Maya released her latest video clip with Mahmoud El-Leithi, the duet “Hatali Rouge”, which is the first song to be released from the songs of her album, “More Away”, which is presented by Maya in the Egyptian dialect. The song is written by Malak Adel, composed by Mahmoud El-Leithi and distributed by Islam Chipsy.

It is noteworthy that Maya Diab’s latest work, “Welcome” clip, is written by Muhammad Al-Qayati, composed by Muhammad Yahya, distributed by Jizo, and directed by Jad Choueiri.


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