Bitcoin exceeds $62,000 for the first time since April


The value of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin surpassed the $62,000 mark on Monday, for the first time since April, according to trading data.

The data of the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, “Bianance”, showed that the bitcoin currency rose 1.6 percent to $ 62,080, as of 04:27 GMT.

That’s just 4.5% lower than the record high of the most popular digital currency, $64,850, which it reached in April. On Sunday evening, the coin approached the $63,000 threshold.

The currency increased by approximately 42%, up from 43,820 dollars, during the month of October and so far, after declining by 7% in September, which was preceded by about 35% of the growth during the months of July and August.

Source: Sputnik


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