Beware of neglecting the redness of the eye .. it may cause blindness


German ophthalmologist Ludger Follring said that eye inflammation appears in the form of eye redness and increased tear production, explaining that its cause may be as simple as dust in the eye, lack of tear fluid, or allergies, such as pollen allergy.

Fullring added that eye inflammation may threaten a serious disease such as uveitis, which may lead to blindness.

For his part, German ophthalmologist Philip Stephen pointed out that eye inflammation may refer to conjunctivitis, which leads to increased tear secretions with itching, or keratitis, accompanied by severe pain with a burning feeling, and decreased vision.

Stephen explained that it depends on the type of inflammation where it is contagious if it is caused by a virus and bacteria, such as conjunctivitis and keratitis; Where the patient must adhere to hygiene requirements, by refraining from using shared towels with others.

The inflammation is not contagious if it is caused by an allergy such as pollen allergy or iritis, which is associated with rheumatic diseases.

Stephen added that suffering from trouble depends on the cause of the disease and the treatment, explaining that the bacterial infection lasts between 3 and 5 days, while the viral one lasts weeks or more. and if the inflammation; Because of an allergy, it may take weeks or months before it heals.

He added that to speed recovery, sitting in front of a computer screen and eye-stressing activities such as reading should be reduced. You should also take a walk in the fresh air, and avoid saunas and swimming pools to prevent new germs from entering the eye. Doctors also advise visiting a doctor if the redness of the eye lasts more than two days to determine the cause and get treatment.

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