Better and faster than its predecessors.. What you do not know about the Apple Watch 7


hour started Camel 7 Access to users who pre-ordered it, after the company announced it about a month ago.

The new watch comes with a distinctive design that is different from the previous watches, as it comes with a screen with much smaller edges, which helped the company increase the screen size significantly without affecting the overall size of the watch.

Although everyone knows the advantages Apple Watch The new ones, but there are a bunch of things that no one told you about before.

Getting it ready for work just got easier and faster

Apple has worked a lot on developing the watch and the system it works with, so that it works much better and faster than in the past.

You are now able to install it and prepare it for use very easily and quickly. The company also solved one of the annoying clock processing problems in the past.

– Change the way apps are displayed

Apple has also changed the way the default apps are displayed on its watch, as it is now able to choose the display method during the preparation and installation of the watch.

The watch offers you to choose the way the applications are displayed automatically when you set up and open the watch for the first time, in order to choose the appropriate look for you.

– No special charger needed

And Apple made the watch charge faster than in the past, by using the USB C port for the charger, in addition to developing charging technology.

You can also benefit from this technology when you use any power outlet that has a USB C port, and it does not have to support 20 watts. So it’s easy to leave the watch charging at any time of the day and use it to track your daily activities or sleep.

Using old watch bracelets

Apple theoretically increased the watch’s screen size, without affecting the watch’s overall size, so that older bracelets could work with it.

Also, the number Apple gives to the watch refers to the screen size only without affecting the overall watch size, so you can use the old bracelets.

– Abandon the diagnostic port in the watch

And Apple relied on placing a port to diagnose the watch and detect its own problems, and this port was located under the bottom bracelet. However, it has completely abandoned this port, as you cannot see the port on the Apple Watch 7. There is no information if Apple has abandoned the port in favor of a wireless port or only changed its location.

The watch has also become dust and dirt resistant, which could be the reason for abandoning the port entirely.


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